General Points

  1. International Cardiovascular Research Meeting (ICRM) is organized by Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Medicum:
    • Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine;
    • Department of Health Promotion; 
    • Student Scientific Society.
    • President of Scientific Board: Jacek Kubica
  2. The meeting (International Cardiovascular Research Meeting) will be held on May 10th-11th 2019 at the Opera NOVA in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
  3. The ICRM is a scientific conference with a special part for young scientists - the Young Investigator Conference (a competition for researchers under 30 years of age).
  4. Registration fee:
    • Standard fee: 300 PLN
    • Student fee: 50 PLN (student ID required during the meeting)
    • Active participant: free (0 PLN)
  5. Accommodation is NOT provided within the fee.
  6. In case of resignation, the fee will not be refunded.
  7. The official language of the meeting is English.

The Copernicus Award Competition

  1. The Copernicus Award is a competition for researchers under 30 years of age (students and young investigators).
  2. The subject of the presented research should be related to the cardiovascular theme.
  3. Only original reports are accepted.
  4. Only on-line registration is accepted.
  5. Registration for passive participants is open until May 4th 2019.
  6. Registration for contestants (active participants) is open until April 15th 2019.
  7. Abstracts must be submitted before April 23th 2019.
    Note: Abstracts arriving after this date will not be accepted.
  8. Accepted reports (acceptance based on abstracts’ evaluation) will be displayed as POSTERS during the Conference.
  9. Only one of report’s authors can be designated as its presenter. 
  10. An Evaluating Committee will analyze the posters and distinguish 10 BEST POSTERS.
  11. Authors of the 10 BEST POSTERS will have the honor to present their work during the Young Investigators’ Session (as a presentation MS PowerPoint).
  12. Among authors of 10 PRESENTATIONS (10 BEST POSTERS) the Jury will select BEST FELLOWS who will be awarded first, second and third prize.
  13. The Jury's decision is final and cannot be reversed.
  14. FIRST prize: 6000 PLN (≈1500 Euro)
    * second and third prize as well as special distinctions will depend on number of contestants.
  15. Every participant can present an unlimited number of papers.
  16. The official language of the Conference is English.
  17. Submission of papers for the Conference is equal with accepting the abovementioned Rules and giving consent to processing personal data for organizational purposes by the organizing committee.
  18. The Rules’ interpretation, arbitration of all issues of the dispute and other matters not mentioned in the Rules are prerogative of the organizing committee.


  1. Abstracts must be submitted before April 23th 2019.
    Note: Abstracts arriving after this date will not be accepted.
  2. Abstracts must be in English.
  3. An abstract should not exceed 3000 symbols (about 350 words). 
  4. An abstract should be organized as follows: BACKGROUND; METHODS; RESULTS; CONCLUSION.
  5. Title: In BOLD, with no more than 200 characters, spaces included.
  6. Authors: Last name in full and first name in initial(s).
  7. Affiliations: With arabic numbers (i.e., 1) in the list of authors, with explanation below.


  1. Accepted reports will be displayed as POSTERS during the Conference.
  2. During the Conference, posters must be hanged on May, 9th.
  3. POSTER PRESENTERS have to stand by their poster in order to discuss it with the Evaluating Committee and with the Conference delegates.
  4. Poster size must be: B1
  5. Each poster has been given a number and should be fixed on the board marked with the same number.
  6. All presentations, discussions and questions are expected to be in English.
  7. Authors must strictly respect the above-mentioned timing for hanging posters.
  8. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the loss of a poster.

Presentations (10 BEST POSTERS)

  1. Presentations should be prepared in MS PowerPoint.
  2. Presentations will be accepted on CD drives and flash discs, with surname and title. They should be delivered 30 minutes before the start of the session at the latest.
    Attention! Please prepare your presentation in a format that can be operated by Microsoft Office. We do not take any responsibility for technical difficulties that may arise due to incompatibility.
  3. Oral reports should not exceed 7 minutes and discussions cannot take longer than 3 minutes.
  4. The session chairman or Organizing Committee has the right to interrupt any report or discussion after a lapse of time given.